CREW qualified Travel Services

World Marine Travel Services, marine and offshore airfares are specifically designed to assist the commercial ship industry with travel from their homes to their workplace… and back. Some examples of people who qualify for marine and offshore airfares are:

  • Commercial shipping crew and associated technicians travelling to/from a vessel or port for purposes of employment
  • Cruise line employees working in any capacity onboard including concessions who appear on the vessel crew manifest
  • Workers involved with the repositioning of a semi-submersible
  • Workers on a drilling rig that can maneuver under its own power
  • Rig workers
  • Technical representatives
  • Engineers
  • Anyone performing seismic/geophysical work
  • Deck & Engine Able Bodied Seaman
  • Onboard food service including cooks, waiters, busboy, & bar staff
  • Cabin attendants and cleaners
  • Cruise staff
  • Shore excursion staff
  • Onboard concessions such as casino, hairdresser, shops
  • New hire staff coordinated through a manning agency
  • Temporary onboard workers such as:  New builds, technicians, divers, fabricators, electricians, HVAC, installation, and other workers whether sailing with the vessel, or while the vessel is in port/dry-dock.

If you are in doubt whether or not you qualify for marine and offshore airfares, use the following rule:

In all cases, people travelling with a marine or offshore air ticket MUST be traveling to/from or in connection with work on an commercial vessel such as cargo or container, LNG, chemical, tanker, deepwater exploration, offshore installation or an associated construction or support project. Failure to produce proper documentation may result in denied boarding by the airline.

If you qualify, our staff is on hand via email, online booking form, phone, fax, to handle your requests.

Once suitable flights are found and a method of payment agreed upon, we will ask you to confirm all details before issuing the ticket. Most tickets we issue are electronic tickets delivered via e-mail, however in certain circumstances; we still issue paper and prepaid tickets.

As it is a privilege that the airlines extend offshore airfares to workers in this specialized industry, we need to ensure that everyone using offshore fares and the associated benefits qualify. Therefore, we follow the airlines’ policies closely and advise our travelers to carry proof that they are indeed travelling for work purposes. Employees must carry documentation of eligibility in the form of a written letter detailing the reason for their travel. You may be asked to produce this documentation during check-in at the airport.

World Marine Travel Services marine and offshore airfares are available in business class, premium economy, and economy class to most worldwide destinations, and have enabled many companies in our industry improve operating efficiencies and reduce costs.

We offer a 24-hour booking service. We hope you will contact us for a quote in the near future